Pork Off 2011 - Let the Porking Begin


The Smallprint

  1. You must be Aged 18 or over to apply (Pork can be dangerous, please be Pork Aware)
  2. You must have a true love for Pork. You will be questioned at length.
  3. All entries must be posted before 1st July (The Day of Pork)
  4. Entries must be posted on your site and linked back to this post
  5. The Dish must contain at least THREE cuts of Pork (Please see photo for acceptable cuts) Any cuts not on the photo are allowed but must be used in the name of the dish.
  6. You will be judged by a panel of your Pork tweepers.
  7. To take part please email pork@garlicconfit.com or use the form below.

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